Paul Johnson

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Paul Johnson, 6-9a Mornings

Paul Johnson (PJ) has been in radio going back 50 years!  Since 1970, he’s announced for and programmed top-rated and national award-winning radio stations.  He has worked for the Beasley Media Group in Fayetteville since 2003. When the late and beloved longtime, legendary radio announcer Curt Nunnery added Sunny 94.3 FM to his business card in 2013, Paul was Sunny 94.3’s Operations Manager – working with Curt to transition Curt’s former AM-only station to the 94.3 stereo FM “Soft Hits for Fayetteville” station it is today.

With Curt’s sad, sudden and untimely passing in late May, 2019, Paul was asked to continue Curt’s show.  Says Paul, “Curt was so loved and special.  It’s an honor to sit in his seat.  Since the day I came onboard to Sunny 94.3 FM mornings, Curt’s listeners have been nothing but kind and gracious to me!  I have appreciated their steadfast loyalty as we have moved forward together!”

Over his career, Paul  has also been a media producer, marketing specialist, computer programmer/analyst, business analyst, and small business owner-operator.  Paul has even been a 911 Operator and Police Dispatcher (a job he says he loved for its public service aspects.)  He has also produced syndicated radio programming (NASCAR Country, NASCAR USA, The Road and more) and many other types of audio/video, print and online media products.  He presently also works in media sales, specializing in selling Sunny 94.3 FM  radio and other integrated, complementary online services.

A University of Minnesota graduate with a B.A. degree in Speech-Communication, Paul also holds certifications in computer software development and information systems management.  He been married to his wife, Roseanne, since 1977.  He and Roseanne have three grown children and two grandchildren.  He’s a dog-lover, avid sports fan and also loves gardening, beekeeping, reading and woodworking!