Saturn will station retrograde in Pisces from June 29 to November 15, 2024, marking a significant period for inner reflection and realignment with your core values and aspirations. This transit encourages you to pause, catch your breath, and ask yourself important questions about your life direction and whether you are truly honoring your dreams and desires.

Saturn retrograde is generally seen as a positive time for growth and self-reflection, unlike the more notorious Mercury retrograde periods. As the planet of limits, lessons, responsibility and karma slows down, its stern influence softens, allowing for a time of introspection and progress in personal development.

This is an ideal opportunity to reconnect with what matters most to you and build stronger foundations for future success. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or lacking motivation (and really, who hasn’t?), Saturn retrograde will help you revise your approach to your goals and commitments.

More specifically, Saturn retrograde will aspect the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces the most, especially those with placements around 12-19 degrees of those signs. Aries should focus on healing and embracing vulnerability, Taurus may reevaluate friendships, Gemini is pushed to revise professional ambitions, Cancer is encouraged to broaden their horizons, Leo must be honest about financial commitments, Virgo should release unfulfilling relationships, Libra needs to find balance in routines, Scorpio is advised to prioritize enjoyment, Sagittarius’ personal life stabilizes, Capricorn faces tests of patience, Aquarius should be wary of deception, and Pisces may engage in more social activities.

Ultimately, Saturn retrograde is a chance to do meaningful inner work, acknowledge obstacles, and make the changes needed to feel in integrity with your authentic path forward. By reflecting seriously on your current foundations and aspirations, you can harness this transit to reconnect with your core purpose, release what no longer serves, and pave the way for an empowered new beginning when Saturn stations direct in November.

Here are some keyways to harness this transit for personal growth:

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