Are you more of a traditional bridal bouquet person? Or are you willing to think outside the box?

We are warming for wedding season with all the spring and summer brides hot and heavy in planning modes. Wedding planning has never been as diverse as at it is now, with new ideas and trends popping up over social media. The merging of old traditions with new flair is especially enticing. I, for one, am really enchanted with folks are reimaging the traditional bridal bouquets.

If you have ever wondered why brides carry bridal bouquets down the aisle, I did a little digging into history.

Bridal Bouquets In History

According to Reader’s Digest “The origin of this floral tradition stems back to ancient Rome. Flowers were a common decoration at Roman weddings because they were known as symbols of new beginnings, fidelity, and fertility.

Herbs were more prominent in Middle Age bouquets than flowers, especially dill and garlic, which supposedly kept evil spirits and bad luck away. The dill reappeared at the wedding feast to get the newlyweds ready to consummate their love that night. Yes, even our ancestors knew about the wonders of aphrodisiac foods. By the Victorian era, exchanging flowers became an increasingly popular way to express love. Keeping with the romantic theme, they eventually became linked to weddings. Cut to present day, and flowers continue to play a prominent role in wedding bouquets and around the venue—something wedding planners know all too well.”

Flowers will never go out of style in the world of wedding planning, however some of these bridal bouquets are so cool they are sure to stick around for a long time. Traditions have to start somewhere!

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