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Natalie Portman Says Kids Don’t Care About Actors, Prefers YouTubers

Natalie Portman is joining a growing list of those in the entertainment industry who feel like the art is lost on the public. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the Annihilation star states that her two children and all kids today don't have any clue who movie stars are. Growing up with technology since birth, this generation of kids is all about YouTubers and streamers. The Oscar-winner tells the publication that the "striking thing has been the decline of film as a primary form of entertainment," claiming it feels "much more niche now." https://www.instagram.com/p/C3oJQRHvRir/ Portman, 42, finds it kind of liberating, though. She tells the publication that having your art not being popular allows you to really explore what is interesting to you. It becomes more about passion than commerce, as well as interesting to beware of it becoming "something elitist." Portman, who has been an actor since she was 13 years old, believes that when different "art forms" become less popularized, you have to ask yourself, "'Who are we making this for anymore?'" She also raves about creativity being more free and gatekeepers being shunned. This gives everyone a chance to show off their talents. Giving credit to the internet, it doesn't matter where someone lives -- you can get access to anything. Portman states how wild it is that more people than ever "might see your weird art film because of this extraordinary access. So it’s this two-sided coin." [inlink id="quentin-tarantino-says-marvel-actors-are-not-movie-stars" text="RELATED: Quentin Tarantino Says Marvel Actors Are ‘Not Movie Stars’"] Elsewhere in the feature, Portman explored the dwindling need for method acting. She doesn't find it "highly practical" unless you’re going to be playing "a lot of saints or unless you’re comfortable committing crimes." Her latest role in 2023's May December follows the story of a married couple twenty years after their notorious tabloid romance. Portman stars as an actress who meets them to do research for a film about their past. She said of her role in the film that it was both fun and interesting to "explore the behavior and ethics around using someone’s life as your source material." https://www.instagram.com/p/C3qFzQPuDqt/ [select-gallery gallery_id="648610" syndication_name="actors-who-hated-their-own-movies" description="yes"]

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