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Super Bowl Conspiracy Theory Revolves Around Taylor Swift And Lucky 13

I don't know if you've heard since no one's really talked about it, but Taylor Swift has been dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce since last summer. The power couple went public right before the start of the 2023 NFL season. Since then the pop megastar has been the center of, let's say, highly spirited online discourse. And now, just days before Super Bowl LVIII, a new conspiracy has gone viral involving T-Swizzle and the Big Game. Disclaimer: to all the Swifties out there, please don't hurt me. I'm just the messenger here. The conspiracy theory began on the sports podcast "Bussin' With The Boys". On a recent episode, pod host Taylor Lewan began pointing out coincidental connections between this year's Super Bowl matchup and the number 13, which Taylor Swift herself has said on record is her "lucky number." https://twitter.com/TaylorLewan77/status/1754657868589178966 The connections, tenuous as they may be, are undoubtedly fun to think about. For instance, Lewan points out that if you add the digits of the 58th Super Bowl, you get the number 13. Sunday's game will also mark the 13th appearance Swift has made at a Chiefs game. Then there's the fact that the date for the game is February 11, aka 2/11. What does two plus eleven equal? Is your third eye opened yet? Lewan also notes that adding four and nine (in reference to the Chiefs' opponents, the San Francisco 49ers) also yields the number 13. And you'll never guess which number 49ers QB Brock Purdy wears on his jersey... Cue the X Files theme music. It seems that Lewan was using these coincidences to help him predict the winner for Sunday's game. At the end of his number-filled soliloquy, Lewan expressed his belief that the stars were aligned for San Francisco to take home the Lombardi this year. Time will tell for which side 13 will be the lucky number, but for now I'm going to work on constructing my tin-foil hat in time for Sunday.