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Eva Mendes attends the grand opening of New York & Company Miami store and the debut of her new collection on March 16, 2017 in Miami, Florida.

Eva Mendes is being transparent about the things women do for the sake of beauty. The 49-year-old actress and mother of two dedicated two Instagram posts on Monday and Tuesday to share that she shaves her face. In the first post, the Ghost Rider star shows herself at a spa getting pampered. She captioned the clip: “Yes, I shaved my face!”

In a follow-up post, Eva showcases the shaving she had done via a slideshow of photos. She told her 4.2 million Instagram followers that she received a lot of comments “from women who’ve been shaving their face for years.” She then used the technical term for the skin procedure she had done. “ok I guess ‘dermaplaning’ is the preferred word but it is what it is and I LOVE it!”

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Per John Hopkins Medicine, dermaplaning is used to treat deep acne scars with a hand-held instrument called a dermatome. The dermatome has an oscillating blade that moves back and forth to evenly “skim” off the surface layers of skin that surround the craters, or other facial defects. Dermaplaning can be done on small areas of the skin or on the entire face — on men and women of all ages.

The Shaving of the Beast

In the comments section of her Tuesday post, Mendes received hundreds of comments from curious fans with questions about her experience and responded to many. One fan asked her how frequently she gets the treatment. “I’m a beast so I probably need every other day! Ha. My hair grows back if I get chills,” she responded. “I’ll literally be shaving my legs in the shower and get chills and all my work is undone!” Another fan was curious if Mendes can notice a difference in how her skin feels after the treatment. The actress replies, “Yes…makeup and moisturizer goes on much smoother. I’m hairy tho. My Cuban Papi is a man bear and I’m his mini me.”

One person praised Eva’s choice of terminology writing, “I love that u call it what it is haha I’m tired of the new names.” Another said, “Thank you for normalizing ‘shaving.’ Another fan shared their gratitude for her post: “Thank you for showing – this gets a lot of criticism and yet takes 30 seconds to do and for ladies with a lot of fine facial hair, dark in places it’s a necessity.” Another said, “For most of us it truly is just shaving our faces… in our showers… as needed.” One fan wrote, “Thank you for your transparency and honesty around this.”

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