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Blake Shelton isn’t the only one who has been on his Oklahoma farm playing in the dirt and planting; his wife, Gwen Stefani, has joined him.

Gwen posted some videos to her Insta stories holding seeds and watching proudly as her husband rides his big tractor. She’s even been riding along with him as he does his farming.

Appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show this week, Ellen noted that Stefani was wearing cowboy boots, to which Gwen replied, “I am all about Blake. The marriage is so fun, and I’m so into it, I feel blessed.”

Stefani then started to talk about the farming she and her husband were doing. She offered, “We’re doing major gardening; we’re talking about daffodils, tulips, and all the bulbs.” She added, “Blake is even digging a well. He’s working on the well digging today, and I’m not kidding.”

Ellen asks if Shelton is digging the well himself, and Gwen replies, “Yeah, he has people, and when I say people, he has one guy, but he’s literally on the tractor right now, and he’s turning the dirt for me when I get there. He likes to do it himself, and it’s super rewarding when you pant seeds. I am going to go back there and plant so many flowers; it’s so exciting.”

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani