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Olivia Newton-John with the crew from

Owing to my line of work, I’ve been blessed to meet lots of people.  Some celebrities.  Most not.   I just love meeting and talking with people.  It’s never matters to me how so-called “famous” they are.  After all, “fame” can be a fleeting thing.  Being “real” is far more important.  I love sharing an enthusiastic moment with anybody, although  I confess,  it delights me when I meet a celebrity who embraces being genuinely nice and considerate to all.

When people inevitably ask me ‘Who’s the biggest star you ever met?’, I consider a few different factors.  “How well known is the person around the world?”  “What are his/her accomplishments?”  Maybe near the top of the list, “Did you have a real conversation (with a unique question) instead of just occupying a place in a line?”

No doubt, though, is “How kind was he or her?”  (Four-time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali goes right to the top of the list.  But there are others.)

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John with the crew from WDGY Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Having interviewed lots of different celebrities, I always prided myself in being prepared with a question having an interesting answer on the back end.

Except once!

Working at a big Country station (50,000 Watt WDGY-AM/Mpls.St.Paul) in my hometown in 1980, we were paid a visit by Olivia Newton-John (pictured above.)  This was about a year and after the movie release of “Grease,”  both a critical and box-office smash!  The “Grease” soundtrack was, at the time,  the biggest-selling musical soundtrack ever!  She was, at the time, one of the biggest stars in the world!

Standing in line, waiting for her to make her way down to where I was standing, and fishing my mind for a good question, I suddenly found myself with her standing in front of me!  And I had nothing to ask or say!  I was dumbstruck!  Not a word came out of my mouth!  I could think of nothing to do but smile and bow!

Thanks to her gracious nature, she curtsied!  And after a pause, we both laughed! I finally said, “Nice to meet you.”  She, “You too!”

We later had a nice and more meaningful conversation!  At a reception later that evening, she was as gracious to my wife as she had been to me!

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