Glenn Oxendine Thanks for all you have done for us all. Thanks and God bless.
Dina Coulter & Family Thank you for all that you do; for your dedication, sacrifice, serving others & for going into the places everyone else runs from. No matter your roles, all of you are courageous, brave and strong…Thank you for being bold and badass everyday! Fueled by Fire & Driven by courage. What a great example you all are to us! BE SAFE!!
The Walker Family Thank you for your service!
Cindy Locklear/Dakota Locklear Thank you all for protecting and serving!
Bobby Oxendine Thanks for your service.
The McClain Family Thank you soldiers!
Joan Parnell Thank you for your service!
Kristi Peoples Thank you for your service
Karen and Jamie DesRuisseau Thank you for your service and dedication to keeping our country safe! XOXO
Katy Lollis The Lollis Family is saying our prayers for all of you.  You have sacrificed so much for us to be free.
Cory Lee Thanks for the message to stand for something or we will fall for anything
Steven White Thank U so much for your service. U do something I am unable to do. Be safe and know that your country loves and appreciates U.
Taylor Morgan We appreciate all you do!
LisalilesCampbell Thank you!
Mary Jones and Family Thank you for your service and sacrifice you make to keep us safe.
Felicia Shipman Thank You 💝 your service
Barbara L. Thank you for your service!!! Stay safe!!!
DB Thank you for everything you do! We all love you!
Babydoll – Foxy 99 Thanking each of you for your dedication, sacrifice, and bravery!
Keiper and Legg Family Thank you for your service!!
Cynthia Womack Thanks for all your service. Blessings
Paul and Roseanne Johnson We’re grateful for your service, proud of how you represent us and we pray for your safety and those who love you!
Terri Wright Wilkes Thank you for your service. May God Bless and Protect you all!
Pigott, Noah Thank you for your bravery!
Belinda Bembry Kelly Thank you!
The Hinson Family Thank you for your service! God Bless!!
GEORGE L HALL Thanks for your service and your personal sacrifice!
Kayla Canady Much 💘 from Redsprings NC
Vanessa Scott As a veteran and coming from a family of vets I thank you for your support.
Steven & Lori Moore Praying for you and thinking about you.
Heath Porter Thanks for your Service!
Suzanne W Melvi Thank you for all you have done for our country!
SGT Patrick US Army FIELD ARTILLERY DV i would like to thank the current soldiers stateside and abroad especially those in harms way for taking up the banner and defending freedom and the constitution
Liz and Family Thank you for your service, we keep you in our prayers daily!
HowUWantItCustoms Thank you to each and every one of you!
The Pierce Family Thank you for your service!
Tommy & Cindy TEDDER May God bless and watch over you all and your families!
Cariño familia Thank you for your service ! Keep your head up !
Maria Thank you for all that you do, God Bless you all.
Camryn Wiggins Thank you for your service & risking your lives for our country.
The Wiggins Family Thank you for keeping our country safe! 💛
Judy woomer Thanks for your service.
The Jacobs Family (Stevie, Kim, Ashley & Candace) Thank You for all you do foe our country. May God keep you safe until you return home.
Bukki Wallace Thank everyone for all your hard work and dedication
Amber Vaughn To my better half, I am so proud of you. Get home soon and safe! I love you Chief Brown!
The Edwards Family Our family is very grateful for our military men and women and their families who sacrifice so much to protect all of us!  Thank you!
The Turner Family
James and patty todd God bless you   Thanks for your service
Ashley Scott Thank you for your courageous service
Kathy Page God Bless you all ❤️
Ashley Hillestad Thank you all so much for your service. Having a cousin in the Army and a cousin in the Air Force makes me appreciate you all so much more. Thank you so much for service and dedication. You all are so greatly appreciated by my family and I. I am so sorry for your losses to those who have not made it home. May the Rest In Peace! Stay safe! God Bless!
Bruno Oglesby Thank you all for everything that you have done.
The Pelfrey Family Thank you for your service!
Tracey Thank you all for what you do!
Delores Mote Best wishes to our military folks and their families for they sacrifice also.
The Pruitt family Thank you Soldiers for all you do, God bless y’all
The Thrift Family Thank you for your service!
Teresa Gniadek Venters Thank you for your services, dedication and risking your lives for me and our great country.  God Bless you all and thanks again.
Kevin, Julia and Alaina Holbrook Thank you for your service.. God bless and stay safe
Sbriscoe Thanks to all of you for your service
Karol Zettelmeier As having served myself, I appreciate all of you men and women for everything you do
Patricia God Bless our Military, We are the Home of the Free Because you were so Brave!
Serena I want to thank all the soldiers who was deployed and returned and to those who are still gone. Please come home safely. This is from one military person to another.
Rebel Goat Farm,inc Thank you
Wanda G.Wright Thanks to you all for everything you do
Whitney Grooms Heroes 🇺🇸❤️
Betty Holland I would like to thank all the soldiers for their hard work and sacrifice. I’d also like to thank their families for their sacrifice too. God bless you all.
Weber Family Thank you for your service, we appreciate you!
Robert Speer The men and women of our Armed services are the best! Thank you  for all the sacrifice that you  and your families make for our freedoms. God Bless and Be Safe
Dwayne Ramon Thank you for your service and sacrifice GOD bless you all and please be safe.
Melissa Reid Thank you so much for all the sacrifices you make for our country every day!!
Brittany Jackson Lockamy Our greatest respect and tremendous respect remains strong for you all. You’re always in our prayers—Our American Heroes! Thank you!
Mike Phipps Thank you for giving your all
Malcolm R Fields Insurance Thank you for your service to the USA
Lea Ann Pelfrey Thank you to all our service members and your families!!
Elizabeth Hicks and family Thank you for your service
Wanda D. Smith Thank you for all you do for all of us! God bless and stay safe!
Nancy Fountaine Thank you!
Crystal Locklear Thank you Solders! Thank you for your service. It means everything to us.
Denise Salmons Thank you for your service
The Hyde Family Thank you for your service.
Susan and Kasa Thank you for all of your service
Arlina Melendez thanks to all the soldiers who protected us, the ones who are protecting us and the ones who will protect us. God bless you.
Lee ann Herring Thanks you guys for the power that you all have to fight for our country. On the behalf of the United States of America we salute you at arms by sea by sky and by land   Love you and thanks
Caitlyn Glancy Thank you for your sacrifices!
Tonya Graham and Family Sending my love and gead
Tonya Graham Thank you all for your services. I love each and everyone of you. I will continue to keep you all lifted in prayer.
Jennifer Lynn McCoy Thank you for standing in the gap.
Marquavious Knight We’re standing strong with you.
Drs. Mark & Sharon Kendrick We appreciate you!
Kim, Tracy and Malachi Ellington Thank you for your service
The Locklear Family
Freeman Family In honor of our fallen brother-in-law SPC Jonathon Chavez, Thank you all for your service!!!
John Rice and Family Thank You ALL and GOD BLESS.
Natalie Mansfield Thank you all for your courage and service to our great nation. Blessings and prayers go with you.
Deitra Rawls I’m deeply thankful for you and your service
Donna Jones family Thank thank you so much for ur service & sacrifice. May God always bless you and keep you
Kenberlin scott Thank you soldier’s for your outstanding support during this hard time never give up each an everyone of you are serving a purpose an for that I thank u so much
The Hall Family Our prayers go out to every family. God Bless.
Mitchell /Donna Taylor May God keep you safe while you are keeping us safe. Thank you for your service.

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