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Interstate 295 from Cliffdale Road to Raeford Road in West Fayetteville will open Wednesday, after 4 years of construction on the segment.

It’s taken 17 years, but half of the Fayetteville Outer Loop is finally finished. The North Carolina Department of Transportation announced the 2.7 mile segment of Interstate 295 from Raeford Road to Cliffdale Road will open Wednesday afternoon.

“This vital urban loop continues to improve regional mobility and reduce traffic congestion in town,” said Grady Hunt, the area’s representative on the N.C. Board of Transportation in the release. “With this new segment, people living in Hoke County and western Cumberland County will be able to get to Fort Bragg more quickly.”

The newest section completes just over 22 miles of the planned 39-mile outer loop around Fayetteville, which will eventually connect all the way from Interstate 95 near Eastover, around to Interstate 95 near Parkton. The next segment from Raeford Road to Camden Road is expected to begin construction in August of 2022.

Phase CA between Cliffdale and Raeford Road is now complete and opening Wednesday afternoon. With Sections DA, CB and CA now complete, 22 miles of the 39 mile Outer Loop will be open.

Notably, the Department of Transportation said that all signs on the Outer Loop will now designate it as Interstate 295, replacing the NC 295 signage that had been up.

Fayetteville Outer Loop Segment to Raeford Road

NCDOT will open the next section of I-295 between Cliffdale and Raeford roads in August 2020, although work on new bridges south of the new Raeford Road interchange will continue for another year. Project Page:

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