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Hot rod cars file photo by Sebastian Artz/Getty Images

A Wisconsin woman is laughing it up, after she crashed a hot rod “car cruise” with three of her five children – in a minivan.

Tara Blaesing of Dodgeville, Wisconsin didn’t mean to crash the party, as she shared on her now-viral Facebook post.

“This morning, a Facebook friend shared an event post for a “car cruise” lining up at the school, just to drive around town and have some fun…. “everyone is welcome”,” Blaesing’s post said. “Since being cooped up with five kids under the age of ten, can be a little, claustrophobic, I went ahead and hit the “Interested” button.”

And thus her adventure started.

“So, I pile three of the kids into the car, leaving the oldest and youngest at home, and hopefully give Scott a little peace and quiet, and we head over to the elementary school, where the event post said to line up.”

Sounds like everything is going according to plan so far. Let’s see what happens next.

“I can see a bunch of cars parked in the U shaped parking lot, so I hang a right and pull in, some one in front of me, someone behind me… In other words, now I’m committed to this situation.”

Fairly calm and easy so far. A nice day out with some kiddos. But wait…

“It’s then that I notice that EVERY.SINGLE. CAR. THERE is either some sort of hotrod muscle car, vintage, or really super fancy. In other words, I have just signed myself up to participate in a Car Rally in my Basic Soccer Mom Chrysler Town and Country.”

You’ll have to read Tara’s Facebook post below (or click here) to find out what happened next!


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