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Tide Issues A Warning To Customers

Remember when an article was published a few years ago about people eating Tide laundry pods?

We do too.

Anyhoo, it's 2018 and not much has changed ... apparently.

An article in Buzzfeed leads us to believe that this is still an issue.

We received further confirmation in the Twitterverse.

gary from teen mom on Twitter

bae: come over me: i cant bae: i have tide pods me:

Wow, wow, and more wow ...

fat bully on Twitter

just ate my first tide pod

moni ????????‍♀️ on Twitter

Y'all ever just get the urge to eat a tide pod?

What are these people thinking?

Just so that there is NO confusion, Buzzfeed reached out to Tide who reiterated people should only use Tide pods to do laundry. In other words, they are not edible and eating them can have serious effects on your health. The spokesperson for Tide also said the pods should be kept out of reach of children.

So there you have it ... please do not eat laundry pods!

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