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Amy Schumer Out, Anne Hathaway In On 'Barbie' Movie

As we knew, Amy Schumer was going to star in the movie, but she had to drop out for a "scheduling conflict." 

According to Billboard, the Barbie mantle is now rumored to be on the bill for Anne Hathaway, but it's unclear as of right now if it will stay in the same platform idea.

In the Amy Schumer version, the storyline, Billboard says this:

"The Barbie movie (at least, the Schumer version) was to turn the classic Barbie mythology on its head, putting a contemporary spin on the toy with an emphasis on feminism and identity. The script told of a woman that slowly awakens to the fact that she doesn't fit into the perfect land of Barbies and journeys to the real world, where she discovers that being unique is an asset. The fish-out-of-water tale is supposed to be in the vein of Big or Enchanted."

Personally, if I had a daughter, I would be much more comfortable letting them watch a movie with Anne Hathaway as the lead, rather than Amy Schumer. Amy isn't exactly a role model type.

Are you excited that Anne may be in the movie? Let us know!


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