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Kate Upton and Jimmy Fallon Engage in a Hilarious Dance Battle

Not only is Kate Upton insanely gorgeous, she also has some epic dance moves.

The supermodel stopped by Jimmy Fallon's show, where the two engaged in a hilarious and heated dance battle. Using the highly scientific "Dance Move Generator" each contestant was assigned a style of dance that they were to perform for the audience. The moves included "The Elliptical" and our personal favorite "Walking Into a Spiderweb."

Upton was ultimately declared the winner, and rightfully so, though Jimmy definitely brought his A-game. Check out the hilarity ensure below:

Dance Battle with Kate Upton

Kate Upton and Jimmy take turns using the dance move generator to make up random dances on the spot, like "Walking into a Spiderweb" and "The Hashtag Dance."


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